Who am I.

Dey Vega is a versatile artist who specializes in Video and Cinematography. Born and raised in the province of Tarlac, the former Basketball dreamer became an artist who is obsessed with being good than being popular.

Started out as a Photographer, he quickly fell in love with creative compositions and conceptual photoshoots that made him obsessed with learning more. Challenged and tasked on a group project, he created a video that served as the start of something new, a new skill, which is story telling via documentary. That started his transition from being a full time Photographer into someone who is in love with motion, into someone who wants to be a Director. He became a leader on a Video class which led to a wonderful Short Film that won multiple awards, and from that day, it became a passion, more than a hobby.

To this day, Dey vega continuously improve his skill set as a Multimedia Artist. Worked on several Graphic, Web, and Branding projects, Dey is not an artist who sticks with a Camera. He has worked on several restaurants for a Web and Branding projects, several companies that is in need of conceptual posters and lay outs, Events and Music companies who is in need of his Directing, Cinematography, and Video editing skills. Models, Architecture, and Foods who needs his Photography.

These skill sets were not learned overnight, it goes way back, from school days, to professional work especially the work experience he had with an Ad Agency that really taught him and made him smarter than being a raw artist.

It became something bigger than what is expected. The confidence is grew and grew as all the skill set that he is learning everyday becomes an advantage that allows him to be more free in terms of concepts and strategy.


  • Directing 65%

  • Cinematography 90%

  • Motion Graphics 80%

  • Video Editing 80%

  • Branding 60%

  • Graphic design 70%

  • Logo Design 70%

  • Photography 70%

  • Joomla 85%

  • Wordpress 50%