I actually stopped dancing competitively 2 or 3 years ago, I’m not sure I lost count. That’s pretty old, I could still remember the day I decided to stop, it was hard, knowing you have to stop a passion that you used to do everyday, but at some point you have to make a decision.

Maybe I could tell that I already stopped, but in my heart and in my mind, I still dance. I still dance, maybe not like before where I have to rehearse everyday, we all make life decisions and looking at my life now, I know I can’t keep up, I know it’s not as easy as before where I can dance whenever or wherever I want. That’s what I lost, but you know what remained? The Passion, and the Love for dance.

Three years ago, I thought cutting ties with dancing competitively will also end my love for dance, but it didn’t. I dance in the shower, I dance on Parties, I dance on occasions, friends and families ask me to do a choreo, I automatically dance whenever I hear a good beat, wherever I am, and lastly, my thesis is about dance, Dance Philippines. If you look at it, I never ended my passion with dance, I am still dancing, not like before, but dancing in terms of having a connection with why we all dance, to share, for the love, to help, and to have fun!

Here is the Profile video I did for LSDC (La Salle – Dance Company Street), this was shot last October of 2014. Why just now? Well we have to go through struggles and challenges, but what’s important is, it is now here, ready to showcase and inspire.

I am blogging this just to let you know how I keep up with dancing, I never said goodbye. This is my way of staying connected, this is where I get my inspiration, by doing videos that shows creativity, and doing inspirational videos with stories that inspires not just me but every aspiring and passionate dancers. This is why I still continue Dance Philippines, to give a helping hand to our dance community where we obviously lack support and for me to have a venue where I can continue my passion. Dance Philippines may be experiencing some difficulty issues now, but I’ll stay with it and one day I will look back to this blog and say I did it.

Being a dancer doesn’t always mean you have to dance, or you have to be good. I believe dancing is consist of having fun, having a responsibility, knowing your roots, and working hard to make yourself better. I hope with this letter, many dancers like me, would believe that they never stopped dancing, rather they took a break but the love and passion will stay forever.