When it comes to a street full of different and creative restaurants, I automatically think of Maginhawa street in Quezon City. But guess what, there’s a new spot that is starting to evolve into a restaurant street, Lilac street, Marikina.

Maginhawa became a popular place where you can find the best affordable and creative restaurants here in Manila. I actually go there because I find the restaurants very creative, and I love the environment because everyone seems to love delicious food. But sometimes when you’re really craving for something or when you are already hungry, you tend to find restaurants that is close to your home. Marikina is like my second home, mainly because my girlfriend lives there, me and pau wanted to eat and we didn’t want to move away from our area, so we decided to explore Lilac.

We were actually just looking for a snack, and while driving, we saw this restaurant and we were really intrigued on what’s inside, and we actually love street food, so we stopped and decided to eat here at Urban Street, a highly creative restaurant that serves our famous Filipino Street Food.

Captured a group of friends while they’re eating, I hope they won’t kill me after this Lol

What we had: Pau ordered Isaw and Milo Dinosaur, good enough to fill that small tummy. The isaw is very delicious, ¬†kinda costly for a “Isaw”” but worth it because it is big and yummy. I ordered Chili dog and Kwek-kwek because I was seriously craving for quail eggs. The quail eggs were normal but the Chili dog was¬†good, it has a Mexican taste on it and it’s not bad since I don’t really like Mexican food but this Chili dog made me happy!




Overall: It’s great! What makes the experience special is how they made eating street food more fun and more creative. The presentation of food made it more delicious and the Urban Street style look of the restaurant made our stay more fun. Definitely a must try for me.

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